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Article No:  4  :  Why active Learning?

SCIplanet - Active Learning

When I hear I forget,

when I see I remember,

when  I practice, I learn,

When I learn, I analyze,

When I analyze, I synthesize,   

When I synthesize, I evaluate,

When I evaluate, I create 
and innovate.

Learning is acquiring new or 
modifying existing knowledge,
behavior, skills, values or 
preferences.and may involve 
synthesizing different types of 
information. The ability to learn is 
possessed by humans, animals 
and some machines

Learning Spaces - Classrooms | Learning spaces, Classroom design, Space  classroom

Progress over time tends to follow 
learning curvesHuman learning may 
occur as part of education,

personal development schooling, or 
training. It may be goal-oriented  
and may be aided by motivation.

Learning is a step-by-step process
 in which an individual experiences 
permanent, lasting changes

in knowledge, behaviors, or ways of
 processing the world.  Almost every 
 action we take is the result of past

 learning yet, for some people,
learning still remains an activity 
undertaken in, or associated with, an
educational  context. 

Active learning in the language lab |

It is the acquisition of knowledge 
or skills  through study, experience,
 or being taught.

Basics of Success in the Active Learning Classroom - Steelcase
In the process of learning, learners 
experience,memorize and understand.
Students need to be provided with data
and materials necessary to focus 
their thinking and interaction in
 the lesson for the process of analyzing
 the information.Teachers need to 
be actively involved in directing
and guiding the students’ analysis 
of the information.

It requires active problem solving by
 students in finding patterns in the
information through their own 
investigation and analysis. 
With continued practice in these 
processes, students learn not only

 the content of the lesson but also 
develop many other skills.

    It enhances creative aspect of
It gives reality for learning.
Uses all available resources.
Provides varied experiences to
 the students to facilitate
 the acquisition of knowledge, 
experience, skills and values.

the learning pyramid -


Activity -based teaching and learning 
method is a technique adopted by 
a teacher to emphasize his or her 
method of teaching through activity
 in which the students participate
 rigorously and bring about efficient 
learning experiences.
 It is a child-centered approach.
 It is a method in which the
 child is actively involved in
 participating mentally and physically.

Learning by doing is the main focus 
in this method. Learning by doing
 is imperative in successful learning 
since it is well proved that more 
the senses are stimulated, more 
a person learns and longer he/she 

In an activity based teaching 
method,learners willingly with 
enthusiasm internalize and 
implement concepts relevant to
 their needs. So our understanding 
on the activity method by now 
should mean any learning that
 is carried out with a purpose 
in a social environment, involving
 physical and mental action,
 stimulating for creative action or

5 Questions to Consider When Designing an Active Learning Classroom - BWBR
watching, observing, comparing, 
describing, questioning, discussing, 
investigating, reporting, collecting,
selecting, testing, trying, listening,

reading, drawing, calculating,
 imitating, modeling, playing, 
acting, taking on roles, talking,
writing about what one can see,
hear, feel, taste, experimenting

and imagining. 


Sequencing ordering, finding 
regularities and patterns, connect
 with given knowledge, use 
different modes of perception,
 depict.  While memorizing
 helps commit to the memory
understanding the concept 
helps us gain knowledge and 
appreciate our education. 
When you understand a concept,
 you will remember it for years 
whereas when you memorize
 the same, you will remember
 it for merely for days and 
gradually forget it.

Memorization differ from 
Memorizing is fantastic and
 helps you learn information 
but without understanding
 the material, you have 
absolutely nothing. ...

Understanding is being able 
to apply the equation. 
But in order for you to 
understand the equations, 
you have to remember the
 information you want to 

Otto Piasecki | Penn should expand active learning | The Daily Pennsylvanian


Structuring, ordering, classifying, 
constructing, solving, planning, 
predicting, transferring, 
applying knowledge,
 formulating ones individual
 understanding, interpreting,
 summarizing, evaluating, 
judging, explaining and teaching.

(Old Traditional Method):

The grammar–translation method

  is a method of teaching a 

foreign language derived from 

the classical 

(sometimes called traditional) 

method of teaching.

 Greek  and Latin.  In grammar–

translation classes,students learn 

grammatical rule and then apply 

those rules by translating

 sentences between the target 

language and the native language.

The grammar–translation method 

originated from the practice of

 teaching Latin. In the early 1500s,

 Latin was the most widely studied

 foreign language due to its 

prominence in government, 

academia, and business.


There are two main goals to 

grammar–translation classes. 

One is to develop students’ reading 

ability to a level where they can 

read literature in the target 

language. The other is to develop

 students’ general mental discipline.

Grammar–translation classes are 

usually conducted in the students’

native language.

Grammar rules are learned 

deductively students learn 

grammar rules by rote, 

and then practice the rules 

by doing grammar drills and

 translating sentences to and

 from the target language.

Active Learning:

 The active learning or the 

activity-based learning method

 is applied in the USA.schools.

 It  depends on the participation

 of the learner during the lesson


In it, the learner plays his active

 role and practices what he learns

 through real situations that lead

 to a communication between 

the learner and himself,  the 

learner and the teacher, 

the learner and other learners, 

the learner and the course, 

or between the learner and 

the environment that surrounds 

him inside and outside class

 in order to qualify himself to 

use his language in real life.

Active learning is "anything 

that involves students in doing

 things and thinking about

 the things they are doing"


Active Learning Classrooms (ALC) — Active Learning Classrooms


 Active learning is a process whereby 

students engage in activities, such as 

reading, writing, discussion, or problem 

solving that promote analysis,synthesis,

 and evaluation of class content.

Cooperative learning, problem-based 

learning, and the use of case methods

 and simulations are some approaches

 that promote active learning. This

section provides links to bibliographies,

 research summaries, articles, and other

 resources about active learning.


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