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Position  :   Education Researcher



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My Education Blog

What is an education blog?


An education blog or edu-blog is a 

blog (weblog) created for educational 

purposes. Blogs offer a huge

 instructional potential as an 

online resource. 

 The Guide to Classes | Brock University Student Bloggers

What about my  Blog?

Share ideas and thoughts with 

Mr. / Girgis Blog

Make your favorite tools work 

together with my blog.

My Blog in a new workplace 

for education tools to

enhance learning and teaching.  

My Blog is adapting

 products to meet teachers' 

challenging needs


 How to use Lanyards for School and Universities | Lanyards Direct Blog



“Blogging has become a really huge 

[and] popular way of disseminating 

research […], talking to each

other as a community, and sharing 



Benefits of writing academic blog 

posts, they:

Provide an opportunity to test an idea, 

concept or style of presentation.

 This can help you improve your

 communication skills, and the way

 you present information.


Help your research reach a wider 

audience, including the general public. 

Blog posts make your research sharable 

on social media ( Twitter and Facebook),

 helping to drive people to your research,

 increase readership, and eventually 

citations.Allow you to use your writing 

skills to extract the essential information 

 from your paper or thought process, to 

create a concise, readable blog post. 

This is a very valuable 

skill for researchers to have.


Of course, there are also some reasons 

people decide against writing academic 

blog posts. Blogging can be 

time-consuming, especially if you’re 

the one setting up and running 

the blog. 


If you’re worried about your lack 

time resource, you could consider

pitching your idea to a well-established blog.

 This way you would write an individual post, 

 rather than regularly writing blog posts 

to build up your blog library.

 The Ultimate Seminar held at the University of Westminster enhances music  education | University of Westminster


My blogging Goals

You may be asking yourself: "What has to 
be done to truly make the world a better 
place?" I  believe that education is the key
 and that each and every one of us plays 
an essential role in the education process. 
The goal of my Blog is to create a world 
where values such as peace, coexistence, 
reverence for all forms of life, and 
responsibility are the norm.

Needed is a new education system
 based on new goals for a new and 
enlightened century like the one

 in Finland or Singapore.

To achieve this goal, I have 
developed a global education model 
founded upon: Universal values, Global 
Understanding, Excellence in all things
 and Service to Humanity.

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 Furthermore, I believe that every person 

has a stake in the education process and

 we therefore encourage and facilitate 

ongoing dialogues, seminars, and training

 programs in which anyone who is interested

 in building a better world can participate.

Become a part of the solution and join 

the chorus of those who support these 

new initiatives and directions by simply

 accessing to my international

education site and Blog.

How Outperforming Leaders Make Core Values Work -

Concerning the values we aspire for, 
my site content stands for many values,
 ethics, principles and beliefs. As a leader,
 I  believe that being committed to the 
success of an organization means being
committed to their own personal development.

My values and beliefs are instrumental in 
determining the culture of my organization,
 and the culture of my organization
is instrumental in driving its performance.

Thus, the leader’s personality 
(values and beliefs) has a significant 
influence on the performance of an

 organization, or any group of individuals
 that share a common identity.

Lecture Theatre Redesign & AV Architecture Upgrade Leeds | Pure AV

 In my education organization, my 
followers, teachers and learners should 
acquire morals, co-operation, citizenship, 
loyalty, civilization, truth, honesty, 
confidence, self-esteem, self respect,
 societal or religious rules or cultural 
ethics.  People are gradually brought
 to their own realization of what is 
good behavior for themselves and
 their community.

Learners should learn about self 

and the wisdom of life" in a 

self exploratory, systematic 

and scientific way through formal 

education.  Education provides 

learners with social skills to 

help them lead happy and fulfilled, 

successful lives.  

Difference Between Theme and Topic (with Comparison Chart) - Key Differences





Driving a robust, purpose-built digital 
strategy beyond crisis response  
Streamlining institution infrastructure
 across management systems.
Harnessing the power of partnerships
 to engage the whole education community



future trends

Transforming learning environments and 
facilities to develop future-ready schools.
 Rethinking curriculum and pedagogy
 to reflect the accelerated use of technology.
Alternative models of education employing 
 future-facing learning design





Providing equal access to high quality 
education so that all learners are able 
to fulfill their potential. Ensuring a 
student-led learning experience 
through leveraging a range of assistive
 technologies and practices.
 Delivering a truly inclusive and
 representative curriculum.





Engaging the student voice to shape 
strategy, practice and culture Tool-kits
 to ensure social-emotional development 
and student mental well-being and 
physical health Strategies to prioritize 
staff well-being, develop resilience and
 re-balance workload





Harnessing self-directed learning to 
develop digital literacy and creative 
thinking Long-term professional 
development for empowered, competent
 and confident educators.
  Reframing assessment to recognize 
lifelong skills critical to a viable future





Redefining the education ecosystem
 for true blended learning.
Reclaiming physical learning spaces to
 foster creativity and collaboration.
 Empowering students to plug into a 
personalized learning experience

As for the vision of my Blog, it is 
represented in looking forward to 
having a smart education with

a high good quality that can produce
 a generation of thinkers, scientists,
 inventors, researchers, creators and
 innovators.  These thinkers can

 give a hand in serving the society,
 the country, the community and 
even the whole world

Our vision is of a new world of 
learning based on the compelling 
truth that improving education is the

key to the survival of the human race.  
Our young people are the leaders, 
developers, team members, and  
citizens of tomorrow.  At the School of

Education, I consider the development
 of children and youth as a society’s 
important responsibility.

University of Leeds |

 It’s a world of creativity, inspiration and 

ambition informed by real-world evidence 

 and experience. It’s a world where students

 become life-long learners and develop

 21st-Century skills.  It’s a world where 

innovation is the rule, not the 


It’s a world where schools provide 

rigorous project-based learning, social 

and emotional learning, and access to 

new technology.  It’s a world where

students and parents, teachers and 

administrators, policy makers and the 

people they serve are all empowered 

with a shared vision to change

education for the better.

Then, the high quality education will 

play a basic role in sustainable 

development all over the world. 

The message of education will be

 universally  achieved.  

People will live in peace, love, tolerance,

 prosperity, welfare and happiness.

I have planned that my Site and Blog
 must have great goals that arise out 
of great aims, objectives and targets.
  All of them seek for encouraging  
education, culture, arts, leadership, 
commitment and motivation . 

Education depends on thinking,
 pairing,  peering, sharing, communication, 
co operation, collaboration, physical
 activity, story telling, photo-story, 
story theater, dialoguing ,
 observation, practical teaching, 
 creation and innovation in
 place of the process of lecturing,  
theoretical attainment
and learning through recitation, 
memorization and
storing information. 

I mean the necessary need for the 
education that is related to practice,  
environment,  practical learning,

 exploration, dialoguing, projects, analysis,

synthesis,  solving problems and 
evaluation.This teaching will provide 
skills and experiences for the

learner to face his real daily life 

My Blog and site must have a mission
 as a strategy to apply and implement 
 such educational vision

and goals.  Concerning the mission, 
my site is  focused on practices and 
programs that help students acquire 
and effectively apply the knowledge, 
attitudes, skills and beliefs to achieve

their full potential

Dental education research | School of Dentistry | University of Leeds

Our mission focuses directly on education

practice––in schools, in colleges and

 universities,  and in education leadership 
and policy making.

Faculty and students collaborate on
 research and design projects that seek 
to enhance teaching and learning, as 
well as to develop educational

environments and tools for innovative

They seek new solutions to the pressing

educational problems, such as the need
 to strengthen teachers’ professional 
preparation, enhance young people’s
 intellectual and social-emotional growth, 
establish robust urban schools,

and support access and equity in
 higher education.
I wait for your comments,
 posts and links.
Thanks a lot.
Mr. / Girgis.

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