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Education System


Author:      Mr. Girgis

Position:  Senior supervisor of 

English at high schools and 

colleges/  Trainer / Lecturer /

 Education researcher / Reviewer.




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Our Education System and Policy .

Hi my great colleagues, professors,

experts and education researchers 

all over the world. 


Mr. / Girgis is with you.

My greetings to all of you.  


Hi and a warm welcome to my 
 international education Blog, 
my new and returning learners,

teachers, mentors, senior teachers,
advisors, supervisors, experts, 
researchers and reviewers from

all around the world.

Although the education process is s
till facing challenges resulting from 
Corona Viruses including Covid-14,  
Covid-19, Delta Variant and Omicron

variant, it does feel like we are seeing 
some light at the end of the tunnel and
 edging towards a more familiar way of
 life. The God preserves us. 

Education and Training have a
 vital part to play in that process and 
I through my  education Blog
 will continue working to ensure you

have the professional support you 
need to help your learners fulfill their

 You may be asking yourself: 
"What has to be done to truly
 make the world a better place?
" I  believe that education is the 
key and that each and every 
one of us plays an essential
 role in the education

The goal of my Blog is to create 
a world where values such as 
peace, coexistence,reverence 
 for all forms of life, and 
responsibility are the norm. 
Needed is a new education 
system based on new

goals for a new and 
enlightened century 
like the one in Finland or 
To achieve this goal, I have 
developed a global education 
model founded upon: 
Universal values, Global 
Understanding,Excellence in all
 things and Service to Humanity

To facilitate your journey and tailor 
your visit to your specific needs 
and priorities, I have identified
  key visitor categories through
 my international education
website and Blog main links
 that represent my education 

 First of all, I thank the God.  
He enabled me to design this Blog.
  This is  a personal Blog.  It belongs
 to me.  However, its purpose is
 international as I have attempted to 
make it of a great use and benefit to 
learners, teachers, senior teachers, 
heads of departments, supervisors
 and senior supervisors of English
at various levels, in my country 
and all over the world, who might
 be seeking interesting 
ways to introduce high quality 

education to their undergraduate, 
graduate and post graduate teachers 
and learners all over the world.

Education – Down Syndrome QLD
I believe that every person 
has a stake in the education process 
and we therefore encourage and 
facilitate ongoing dialogues, seminars, 
and training programs in which anyone

who is interested in building a better 
world can participate. Become a part 
of the solution and join the chorus of 
those who support these new

initiatives and directions by simply 
accessing to my international
 education website.
How Special Education Teachers Can Be Coached to Use Data for Student  Success

I have attempted, when possible, 
to draw from my own experiences 
 teaching all my colleagues the latest 
approaches I apply and practice. In

other words,the teaching methods, 
the curriculum design, the means of 
assessment and evaluation, lesson 
plans and the advanced teaching 
 topics are tried, proper, perfect
 and true, 
representing the most successful 
exercises I have attempted in

 the  classrooms I work at.
 Oxford and Cambridge overtake US universities to rank among top three |  News | The Times


The only purpose of education in
 the UK, USA, Finland and Singapore 
schools, colleges, universities and
 all the world education institutions 
is to teach a student, how to live 
his life, by developing his mind 
and equipping himself to deal 
with reality through the skills 
and experiences he acquired. 
 In a lot of countries, the teaching the 
learner receives is theoretical and 
depends on just lecturing, memorizing 
and attainment.  It is the teacher-
centered method.  That's an old 
traditional teaching method. 

As education paves the way to 
development between individuals 
and nations all over the world,

 teaching must depend on critical 
thinking.  Critical thinking provides 
you with the skills to analyze 

synthesize and evaluate information.
 With these skills you are able
 to obtain the greatest amount 
of knowledge from a piece of data.
It provides the best chance of making
 the correct decision, and minimizes 
damages if a mistake does occur.  
The learner has to be taught to think,
  to explore, to understand, to 
participate,  to do, to prove, to 
evaluate, to learn
to imagine, to create, to innovate 
to pass his knowledge to others.

The learner has to be taught the
 essentials of the knowledge discovered 
on the past, then he has to be equipped
 to acquire knowledge by his own effort.   
A salient feature of good language 
teaching is its ability to pique
good-spirited curiosity and  fun 
and support imaginative 
discovery.  Learn to know.

 Learn to be. Learn to participate
 with others. Learn to live with others.
This is achieved through implementing
 the activity-based learning method 
which is a learner-centered method. 
This method involves the student 

mentally,  physically, emotionally,
 technologically and environmentally. 
It focuses on dialoguing, collaborative
 and practical work, doing projects and

activities and solving problems.
To Improve Schools, We Should Listen to Students | Op-Ed | US News 



 Supervisors, inspectors and trainers
 of education come in all shapes and
sizes, each with their individual 
approaches, educations, areas of

expertise and personalities.  
So, a great question to ask is, 
why should you consider my site 
vs the vast array of other options
 available today?

I have outlined below, a few areas
 I believe they set my site apart, and 
look forward to sharing even more with
 you online or in person.  Connect and

collaborate, find training and lessons, 
and gain teaching knowledge, 
experiences and professional

development on this personalized 
hub created for great educators
 like you.    

I am committed to increasing the 
effectiveness of education at all 
levels through rigorous research

and evaluation, training, and 
technical assistance. 

My work spans the learning lifespan
—from ( Pre-K) to post secondary
 education, career readiness,

and adult education—and focuses 
on a wide range of topics, including
 STEM, social and emotional

learning, and state and federal 
education policies.
Chatting Students In The Classroom Stock Photo - Image of desk,  conversation: 31238610
In the search for innovative answers to 
society’s most pressing challenges, 
my rigorous, state-of-the-art research 
and evaluation work provides important
for education policymakers and 
practitioners to use when answering 
crucial questions about program 
implementation, challenges, and

Through practice, critical thinking skills 
and methods change work, I can help 
educators address the educational 
issues and challenges at the local,
 state, national, and international 
levels by applying evidence-based
 practicesin educational and community
Group Of Students Chatting In Classroom Stock Image - Image of informal,  caucasian: 57568185


Service-focused Partnership:


First my number one goal is 
to meet schools and colleges teachers 
and learners' needs. I am dedicated to 
building strong education website.  
And that means, not only designing 

implementing programs to fit your 
organization but also being a true 
partner in all our interactions.


Foster Well-being

My Blog provides education solutions 
that support student and educator 
well-being and academic success by 
creating environments which develop

skills and provide analytics to help 
understand individual and collective 
If you are a new teacher wondering 
what you need to set up your class
or a veteran teacher looking for new 
and creative ideas, this site has just

about everything you need. You can 
find month bymonth thematics,
 teacher's "how-to's" that are

included across the curriculum 
analysis plans.My site is jam packed
 of wonderful things. Besides, all

my site items are comprehensive 
and beautifully put together.

My academic researches are 
integralto internationalization, 
but "Do higher education 
institutions and their academic
 staff in my country and all over 
the world see eye to eye on 
faculty engagement with
 international strategies and 
Can be more done to draw them 
 into this work?"
11 Tips for First-Year University Students - Live & Study - Czech  Universities


Tangible Results:

One of my biggest rules of thumb
 is that a tool isn't a tool unless 
it can be used in the real world 
to produce tangible and
 actionable results.  My critical

thinking workshops lead my 
participants to be more rational
 and disciplined thinkers. 

It reduces their bias which will
 provide a greater understanding
 of their environment.
  My workshops provide my 
participants the skills to evaluate,
 identify, and distinguish
 between relevant and irrelevant
 information which will provide
 an incredible boost in performance.  

My Blog inclusive solutions support 
students’ diverse learning experiences 
by incorporating research-based 
approaches and proven instructional 
strategies. Inclusive learning 
environments provide each 
student with  the tools 
and support they need to
 fully participate.

Global Themes

 When challenged with exceptional,  

unprecedented problems and

 barriers to learning during this

 time of disruption, it has been 

vital for educators to think 

outside the box and solve

 problems creatively.

Armed with more education 

solutions and resources than 

ever before, educators have 

the opportunity to

 re-imagine traditional models of

pedagogy so that students can 

plug into a personalized, 

future-facing learning experience 

and become resilient, 

creative life-long learners who

can harness their knowledge and

 skills to tackle the challenges

 of tomorrow.

Informed by conversations with 
our audience, my Blog global 
 themes sit underneath the 
overarching theme of‘create 
the future’ and will structure the 
critical thinking of teachers 
and learners, ensuring that 
education stakeholders 
worldwide can address 
their most pressing
 challenges and priorities.

Tutoring Current Students • North Greenville University



My Blog is a global community for all 

education issues. I spark ideas, create

 connections and accelerate trade,

 driving impact and improving outcomes 

 for teachers and learners.  My global

education site and Blog are home to 

our flagship issues which are truly 

international with millions of

visitors from 205+ countries.

Our international audience has grown 

 rapidly with our site content all over

 the world focusing specifically

on education issues and high-level 

networking, while education based 

on critical thinking skills has wide

appeal across the education 


Discover our fantastic topics, 

lectures training units and 

conferences offering the most

 enlightening and thought-provoking

 sessions.  With so many education

 researches, I am bringing back 

zones that highlight the top 

solutions that you want 

to see in my site.  You will 

again be able to pinpoint

 exactly what you want to find, 

what you want to reach  and where 

you want to go.

Therefore,  participants can 

expect to leave my workshops

 or education training

 sessions with new skills they

 can immediately begin 

 implementing which

 will ultimately lead them 

to enhanced performance 

and increased success in 

education,culture, arts, leadership, 

commitment and motivation.

I wait for your comments, 
Ads, Branding, videos,

researches posts and links.\

Thanks a lot
Mr. / Girgis

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